Music for Life Piano Studio

Experience. Quality. Flexibility. 

Everything you are looking for in a private piano teacher for beginning through intermediate piano lessons.

My teaching philosophy is simple…
  • I believe each person is unique and brings different gifts to their experience of music. To that end, I work with each student and family closely to determine what music, methods, and learning strategies will help engage a student in the world of piano. Lessons are tailored to each student’s goals and desires.
  • In addition, you’ll find that I understand family life, schedules, and budgets, so I can relate to and help you solve the most common problems when it comes to practice, progress, and performances.
  • Finally, I care about the whole of each student, not just their musical life. I work to build supportive relationships with students and their families because our children all benefit when teachers and parents are working together to help them form values and character traits to be successful in life.
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