Policies and Procedures

Dear Friends,

I am blessed to be able to offer family-friendly, quality piano lessons tailored to your child’s specific needs, abilities and interests. As a result, I believe that if we all treat one another with mutual respect, then everything will run smoothly. While I am not a large corporate music studio, a few written policies will help us all have a positive experience with piano lessons.


Registration, Openings and Wait List

Current clients are asked to re-register for the upcoming school year anytime between the Spring Recital and before June 1st in order to guarantee their spot. New clients (as space is available) may register after June 1st or as openings become available during the school year. Registration forms and a Registration fee must be turned in at the studio, at the Spring Recital, or by mail. When I become fully booked, potential clients may go on my waiting list for the next available opening which may occur at any time during the year. I notify wait list clients (in order of contact date) of open time slots when they occur. If an available time slot does not work for the first client on my wait list, that client may remain on my wait list for the next available slot. I then call the next person on my wait list, and so on.


Fees and Payment

Lesson Fees: Piano lessons are currently $30 for a 30 minute time slot and $38.50 for a 45 minute time slot. Lessons are billed monthly based on lessons attended and books or resources given. Invoices are generated and emailed to you via My Music Staff the first week of every month for lessons attended the previous month. For example, lessons in September are invoiced, emailed, and paid for in October. Payments are due 30 days from the date of the invoice. Please log into your My Music Staff account from your email notification each month. Check your account for past due balances, or for any mistakes. Contact immediately if you believe I have made an error so that I may correct it. Payment can be made by cash or check at the studio, paid online from your invoice via Stripe, or can be mailed to my address. Families who fall behind on payments by 2 months or more will be at risk of losing their time slot(s) with my studio. If you have difficulty paying an invoice for any reason, please contact me immediately to work out an alternate payment plan.

Registration Fee: A yearly registration fee of $40 per student is required to reserve a spot in my studio. This annual fee covers the cost of 2 recitals per year, and all other handouts, reference materials, or folders needed throughout the year. The registration fee (and registration form) is due at the first piano lesson for new clients. The registration fee (and registration form) for current clients is due anytime between the Spring Recital and June 1st for the following school year. Current clients who do not turn in a Registration form or fee by June 1st for the following school year, will not have a spot in the studio and will have to go on my waiting list to get back in.


Cancellations, Make-ups and No Shows

Any lessons cancelled by me will not be charged to you.

If you need to cancel a lesson, you must notify me by phone, email or text message no later than 10am on the day of your lesson.  Cancellation notification after 10am, and no-shows will be charged the regular lesson rate. Make-up lessons may be scheduled if I have openings that same week. I cannot guarantee make-up lessons but will make every effort to work with you. If you cancel a regular lesson well ahead of time, I can often let you know what other days/times I have open due to other cancellations.



Please make sure your child brings the following to each lesson: 1) Piano lesson book(s), 2) Theory workbook (if they have been given one), 3) Piano Notebook/journal that I can write assignments in each week, 4) any supplemental or sheet music we are currently working on. I provide many helpful handouts, and supplemental material throughout the year, and a folder helps keep them organized. You or your child may want to find a tote or bag specifically for piano to keep their books in to bring to and from lessons each week. You and your child are responsible for making sure the proper books and music are brought each week. On occasion, I may have extra copies of lesson books, or other activities we can do, but I reserve the right to turn you/your child away from a lesson if student materials are not brought in. (You will still be charged for the lesson.) Lesson books or other music can be ordered through me as I often have teacher discounts or free shipping. If you are looking for a particular piece of music, please let me know and I am happy to help you find what you are looking for. I also recommend buying a flashcard pack ($5) for beginners.



I host 2 recitals per year, one in early January and one in May. Students are required to participate in those recitals. In addition, there are other opportunities to perform. On occasion we play at a local assisted living facility and families may sign up to come and play. In the fall, the Gwinnett County Music Teachers Association hosts a Fall Music Festival which is a judged competition for music students. The State Theory Test is also given that same day. The Festival and Theory test are optional but highly recommended especially for older students. Federated Music Festivals are held in Winter and students may choose whether to participate. State Auditions are also available in the spring and must be taken with a separate theory exam called the GATE. There are separate fees to register for the Fall Festival, State Theory test, Federated and State Auditions.


Safety: Your child’s safety is important. While your child is with me in the studio they are supervised. Any time your child is not in my studio with me, you are responsible for their behavior and safety. Children are not allowed to be in my home or outside unsupervised by a parent at any time.



As a general rule, food is not allowed in the music studio. Students should not chew gum or bring any food or drink into the studio. Please include any food allergies on your registration form so that I can ensure the safety of your child in my studio. There are two times during the year when I use candies in the studio for music games. The months of October and February are fun months when students can win candy to take home in zippered baggies. If you would prefer that your child not be exposed to candies because of allergies or other reasons, please let me know in advance and I am happy to use other game tokens or stickers.


Severe Weather Policies

Especially during spring or fall when severe weather is more common, please stay alert to weather advisories. If your child is already here for a lesson and the weather turns severe enough for a tornado warning or other advisory to take cover, we will all move to the basement of our home which is very safe. If you feel the need to cancel a lesson for weather related reasons, please refer to the cancellation policy.


Termination of lessons

Parents may choose to terminate lessons at any time but must give two week’s notice in writing via email to the teacher.

The teacher may choose to terminate lessons at any time but must give notice in writing via email to the parents. Termination may be based solely on the teacher’s discretion, or upon failure of the parents or students to pay invoices in a timely manner, bring materials to lessons, participate in recitals, or show appropriate behavior at lessons, or appropriate practice at home.


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